Empleadas Filipinas Internas y Externas

Encuentra las mejores empleadas para tu hogar y para tus niños

O si lo prefieres…

Empleadas Filipinas Internas y Externas

Encuentra las mejores empleadas para tu hogar y para tus niños

O si lo prefieres…

Servicio doméstico filipina externa con inglés Madrid

Filipinas Externas con Inglés

El servicio de filipinas externas incluye:

-Servicio media jornada o jornada completa. En este caso la empleada no se aloja en el propio domicilio.

-Tareas de cuidado de niños, cocina, plancha y limpieza en general.

Tarifas desde 450€

En EmpleadaenCasa nos preocupamos por ti. Llámanos ahora.


Servicio doméstico filipina interna con inglés Madrid

Filipinas Internas con Inglés

El servicio de filipinas internas incluye:

-Alojamiento en el propio domicilio del cliente

-Tareas de cuidado de niños, cocina, plancha y limpieza en general.

Tarifas desde 950€

Desde EmpleadaenCasa queremos hacerte la vida más fácil. Llámanos ahora y déjanos ayudarte durante le proceso de selección.



Great people, great service, undeniably helpful.

It’s so hard, when you don’t know the language and you are trying to find someone to help around the house. This is a great option, they speak perfect English and they will make sure to help you in every possible way, so you can find whatever it is you are looking for in a person.

Más que recomendable. Desde un primer momento me atendió Claudia, una chica encantadora que escuchó al detalle todo lo que buscábamos y necesitábamos. Desde ese momento todo fue coser y cantar. La chica por la que nos decantamos es súper trabajadora, sonriente y cuida a los peques como si fuesen suyos!

Just hired our first home employee through them! They make it so easy! For the moment, the house looks cleaner than ever and we have a bonus too: she makes the best meatballs! Very happy with how everything has turned out! Thanks Empleada en Casa!

Nice people, very professional too. They’re a young couple that’s faced the same things you’re going through. You really feel they wouldn’t recommend someone if they wouldn’t hire them themselves.

From what they told us, we were a little different from the rest of their international clients. We knew how this kind of service works like in Spain. It’s funny how something so simple can change so much from one place to another.  We found them online, and from the very first moment we were recommended different people to interview. Just the fact that their candidates speak your language is over the top! They hold your hand until you find someone you like and help with the paperwork too. They just take that headache away! Great!

Piensan hasta en lo que tú no has pensado. Hemos quedado encantados.

We we’re given the contact by one of our daughters’ teachers. It’s great to have people you can count on when landing on a new country. You’re literally starting over! There are just so many things that one overlooks; where to do the groceries, the dry cleaners, the newspaper delivery service… And this was just another one of those. Since my company provided us with several houses and schools to choose from when we got here, we figured “we’ll find someone fast” Yeah sure… That didn’t go well! Fortunately, these guys know what they’re doing! And believe me, I don’t miss spending my weekend ironing and cleaning!

The amount of option out there is overwhelming. As young parents in a different country, we couldn’t rely on our families’ recommendation and wanting the best for the kids, it’s very important knowing whom you open the door to. Empleada en Casa were great! From the first moment, they understood our concerns, as they have been there too, and took us on every step of finding  “our saviour”, “she who cleans & provides us with free time” Ha! We’re loving it!

Having dealt with different house employees in the past, Empleada en Casa made selecting the correct person for us very easy. They themselves have gone through the same issues and understand the various necessities of a growing family, which involves not only taking care of the house itself, but also attending the children’s needs or even babysitting at times. Over all, it’s been a very good experience and will keep working with them in the future. But for now, we’re set!

La verdad es que no sabíamos que existía este tipo de servicio y nos parecía innecesario. Hasta que intentamos buscar por nuestra cuenta y fue un FAIL en mayúsculas.  Así que le dimos una oportunidad a Empleada en Casa y fabuloso! Realmente te escuchan y piensan en todo lo que necesitas en una persona para ayudarte a seleccionar la que es idónea para ti. Creedme merece la pena! Muchas gracias por todo y especialmente por la paciencia que habéis tenido con nosotros!

¡GRACIAS! A todas las mamis por ahí: este será el dinero mejor invertido. Hablo desde la experiencia.

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